Fungalor – is it an effective remedy for athlete’s foot? Your reviews and experiences

Athlete’s foot is a very unpleasant problem that one can get infected with in a really simple way. All you need is contact with germs, for example at a pool or in public bathrooms, in order to experience burning or itching in a fairly short time.

How to deal effectively with this problem in a way that is not dangerous to our health? The solution may be Fungalor, a specialized cream, which, according to the manufacturer, is expected to bring relief in a short time.

How does it work, is it effective, and does it actually cure the problem, or maybe it just masks it? We will try to check it today.

What is it and what is it recommended for?


Let us start with how to recognize symptoms of athlete’s foot. In addition to the characteristic itching or burning, there may be other symptoms such as:

  • pronounced keratosis and easy crumbling of the nail plate on the feet;
  • the appearance of a whitish coating on the skin of the feet;
  • huge amount of dead skin, which regularly peels off on the soles of the feet;
  • visible swelling around the nails combined with persistent itching.

These are some of the most common symptoms that must never be underestimated. Fungalor is to provide an effective, very fast and lasting help in treating this problem, regardless of gender and age.

It is worth mentioning that the symptoms described above are not the only problem in athlete’s foot. Permanent infection of these places, unfortunately, can open the way for other bacteria to develop in the body and for the emergence of subsequent diseases.

As we learn from the official information provided by the manufacturer, regular application of this cream provides the skin on the feet with the necessary ingredients to fight bacteria and to more effectively regenerate damaged skin or nail plate. What ingredients are responsible for this activity?

Full composition of the product

Problems with feet?

The formula of this cosmetic product, according to the company’s assurances, is the result of many years of work carried out by the world’s best scientists. The result of this work is the presence of such ingredients in the product as:

One of the most important ingredients here is definitely climbazole. It is responsible for the gradual inhibition of further development of bacteria, and, at the same time, it fairly quickly brings relief in itching and burning. The support here is provided by the essential oil which gives the impression of cooling one’s feet, reducing swelling and burning.

Farnesol, in turn, blocks the secretion of excessive sweat by the feet, limiting the phenomenon of bad smelling feet, in addition leaving a pleasant floral aroma. Thanks to it, our feet can be refreshed, and vitamin E, which is also a part of the composition, will accelerate the regeneration of the skin and nails.

Side effects – are any likely to occur?

Healthy feet

This cream that is largely antiseptic can actually be used by any person, regardless of age and, of course, gender. What is very important, the manufacturer grants a full guarantee of safety of use.

We should not encounter any negative side effects of the therapy, and the product should be anti-allergic, not acting in a very aggressive way.

Users’ reviews

Naturally, we cannot rely only on the assurances of the manufacturer himself. It is worth taking a look at what the people who have already tested its possibilities write about the product. Finding an opinion is not difficult, because Fungalor has been sold in many countries for a long time. So, we decided to check out some of these reviews.

First of all, people who use this cream very much appreciate immediate relief in burning and itching. In addition, the majority of those who expressed their opinions praised the smoothing of the skin, quick regeneration of nails and restoration of natural color to the feet. We have not been able to find any information related to the negative effects associated with its application, which confirms that the product can really be safely used in all conditions.

What is the price of the cream and where can it be purchased?

The creams are sold by the manufacturer in 50 ml packages, which is to provide a very effective treatment. However, we would like to highlight a very important issue. Fungalor should be purchased only on the official website of the manufacturer, where it is also sold. The company informs that it does not carry out external distribution of the product, so this is the only place where we are sure that we buy the original cream, which is safe and effective .

The price of the cream, in our opinion, is not very high, and on the official website, we quite often see attractive sales promotions. Even now you can order it for 35$ instead of the standard 70$. The ordering process itself is very simple. All you have to do is complete a short form and choose the delivery option with payment on delivery or prepayment. Creams are sent out practically all over the world.


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Fungalor - reviews:

  1. as I understand, this cream doesn’t just mask the problem, it actually cures it, can you stop using it after some time? Any idea how long full treatment would be?

  2. Hello. Where do you buy this lovely cream? Do you maybe know some cool stores where it’s available after all and costs less than on the manufacturer’s website?

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