Varikosette – is it really effective and does it help varicose veins? Your opinions and experience

Varicose veins are a frequent problem among very active women who spend many hours on their feet every day.

The clots that appear in the veins of the legs cause unsightly spots, which unfortunately not only look bad, but, above all, are dangerous to our health. Moreover, varicose veins can be very painful, and if the clot happens to break off and get into the heart, we have a serious, life-threatening situation.

Until now, we have primarily dealt with varicose veins by means of surgery. These are not pleasant treatments; they can lead to many consequences as well as result in scars that will disfigure the legs, and it will often be impossible to remove those scars.

However, we can find special creams on the market, such as Varikosette, which are supposed to eliminate the problem of varicose veins in a natural, safe and effective way. Does their use really make sense?

What is it?


The product is a laboratory-developed cream that contains, according to assurances, only natural ingredients.

Intended primarily for women, it is effective in penetrating deeply into the skin, reaching all the way to the blood vessels and gradually decreasing swelling, thereby reducing varicose veins.

As the manufacturer himself assures, it is supposed to be a safe and completely natural way to get rid of not only varicose veins, but also the pain associated with them, which can make everyday life miserable.

The cream can also be used preventively as protection against varicose veins, especially for active women who spend many hours on their feet at work.

The effectiveness of the cream

What is the effectiveness of this cream? Let’s start at the beginning and check what we will find in the composition of this product. After all, the manufacturer guarantees its naturalness and full safety of use. Thus, in each tube we have, among others:

Indeed, the composition is natural, and at the same time it looks quite interesting.

Certainly, one of the most important components here is horse chestnut, which is well known for its positive effect on venous thrombosis. Troxerutin, on the other hand, protects vein walls and improves blood flow, reducing the risk of blockages. Obviously, the presence of urea is rather interesting. It has no effect on our veins, but it has a positive effect on moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It can therefore be inferred that urea will primarily contribute to reducing scars on the skin.

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the cream is also supposed to almost immediately decrease swelling, reduce the feeling of fatigue in the legs and the accompanying pain. Regular use should virtually eliminate the problem and continued use of the product will protect our legs against the recurrence of varicose veins.

Side effects?

Varicose veins

It is difficult to find on the site any detailed information regarding the side effects that may be associated with regular use. However, we have an assurance of a high level of application safety, which is no surprise. Each package of the cream includes only ingredients of natural origin, and therefore safe for our health.

The big advantage certainly lies in the fact that we are not dealing here with a standard dietary supplement that must be taken orally. The cream is applied to the skin, so we reduce the risk of complications and spare our liver. We advise you to simply read the composition to make sure that you are not allergic to anything. Allergic reactions do sometimes happen in the case of natural ingredients.

How to use the cream

Beautiful legs?

According to the assurances of Varikosette manufacturer, just a couple of weeks of regular treatment is enough to enjoy healthy and beautiful legs. However, how does the application of this cream look like?

First of all, we must remember to apply it to clean and perfectly dried skin. We apply a small portion of the cream only to lesions on the legs, massaging it gently until completely absorbed. The treatment can be performed from 1 to 3 times a day, depending on the needs. The manufacturer guarantees that the cream does not leave a greasy film, so we should not have the impression of sticky skin and we do not have to worry about getting the clothes dirty.

Customers’ reviews?

Fortunately, the product is popular enough on the market so that we do not have to rely only on the information provided by the manufacturer, which is often the work of various marketing specialists.

There is nothing like the first-hand information, the opinions of customers themselves, and there is no shortage of those on the internet.

The reduction of pain and swelling is by far the most frequently listed advantage of using the product, which is generally praised by most women. It is also repeatedly confirmed in the comments that over time, the cream gradually reduces the visibility of varicose veins, protects against leg fatigue and aesthetically evens out the skin, also restoring its natural color.

What is the price and where to buy it safely?

In our opinion, a fully natural cream is generally a product that is worth trying, especially since we may avoid dangerous surgeries. However, how much will we pay for it?

According to the manufacturer, one package should be sufficient for a full treatment, which must last about 2 weeks.

Currently, we can take advantage of a fairly attractive promotion and order the product on the manufacturer’s website.

The standard price, however, is not very high, either, and if you can actually get rid of varicose veins without surgery, its attractiveness increases even more.

It is not without reason that we mentioned shopping on the manufacturer’s website and we definitely have no intention of favoring it. The company is simply the only distributor of cream on the English market and, as it emphasizes, it does not use intermediaries and does not cooperate with other stores.


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Varikosette - reviews:

  1. I’m just curious about one thing, how does this cream smell? 😉 Have you used it, my darlings, and can you say anything about it? It’s a pity you can’t order a sample, it would really be useful.

    1. Its smells pretty nice, I just bought mine.

  2. Hey, is it really true that these creams are not in regular stores and that you have to pay so much for it? Speak up if you found it somewhere else and bought it. I’ll be very grateful.

  3. does going through the whole treatment, those two weeks, protect for a long time from the recurrence of varicose veins? I had one surgery a few years ago already, and the problem seems to be returning ;( I’m wondering about a treatment using this cream, the surgery was awful…

  4. where to buy it in Philippines??

    1. Where I buy this varikosette here in the Philippines?

  5. where to buy it in lebanon?

  6. I need varikosette please

  7. It contains menthol and makes my leg feel heavy at first then later it stopped being heavy but what I’m worried of now is that I compared with the comparison of fake and original on the system it’s more of original but I want to know the real colour of the cream please

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