Maxisize – a panacea for a small “masculinity” or another piece of marketing babble? Your opinions

The size of the male penis is a real book-size topic, quite similar to women’s dilemmas in regard to the size of the breasts.

A huge part of male population suffers from real inferiority complex related to the size of their penis. It is generally believed that a too short one does not provide the woman with full sexual satisfaction, but what does a short penis mean, first of all, and do men really have such a big problem with it?

It is worth considering the results of the “Sexuality in 2011” report, which presents interesting data. Statistical research on a large group of men performed by a sexologist, showed that the average length of the penis in our country is 17.26 cm. Is this a lot?

Medicine quite clearly defines the size of the penis during erection. The length between 9 and 12.5 cm is considered a very small or small penis. The medium one ranges from 12.6 to 15.5 cm, while the large one is 15.6 to 18 cm, and everything above that is treated as very large. Thus, statistical results rank us high.

It is also a well-known fact that the girth of the penis is much more important than its length since the most sensitive nerve endings of the female vagina are located in its first 4 cm, so even with a very small penis, you can give your woman a lot of joy.

The whole problem, however, lies in the male psyche. A visually small penis, especially at rest, causes discomfort in men, as well as lack of faith in their own abilities, embarrassment and frequent reluctance to have sex. Nevertheless, there are products on the market that theoretically are supposed to some extent increase (lengthen and thicken) the penis, without surgical intervention or the use of pharmacology dangerous to one’s health. One of them is Maxi Size, which we will examine a bit closer now.

What is it?

“… guaranteed penis growth by 5 cm within 3 weeks.”

When on the manufacturer’s website, this is probably the first thing that will catch your eye. It sounds quite optimistic, but we should definitely not be so. Maxi Size is a product in the form of a cream, which should be regularly applied to the penis every day and thoroughly rubbed in.


The first problem is, unfortunately, that we do not know the ingredients of this cream at all. On the website we only find a rather brief statement about the “complex of enzymes”, which unfortunately does not contribute too much. It is also difficult to find reliable information about the composition on other websites. This is due to the fact that various sources list different ingredients, and this does not make such information trustworthy.

How could this cream work? The erection is a relatively simple mechanism. In the penis, there are cavernous bodies with great stretching capabilities that fill with blood. Sexual arousal causes a large amount of blood to be directed to the penis. More blood flows into the penis than out of it, and thus the organ increases in size and becomes stiff.

The key to success is, therefore, the elasticity of the corpora cavernosa, which will for sure be greatly impacted by collagen. It is one of the most important ingredients in our body in terms of skin elasticity. Its deficiency contributes to the formation of wrinkles and to the general loss of skin resilience.

If the enzymes contained in Maxi Size are indeed different collagen derivatives, its results could actually be visible. Of course, it is also important to adjust the arterial blood pressure correctly.

How to use it?

According to the manufacturer, the cream should be used once a day and it should be thoroughly rubbed into the penis. We also have an additional recommendation if on a given day we are planning a sexual intercourse.

Most people probably rarely plan things like that, but if it happens, the manufacturer suggests rubbing the product into the penis around half an hour before sex. This is to further strengthen the erection, extend the time of the intercourse and increase the intensity of sensations.

Any possible side effects?

Possible effects?

We find it difficult to write anything reasonable about possible side effects because for some unknown reasons the composition of Maxi Size is shrouded in mystery.

Nevertheless, we get certain guarantees from the manufacturer. The first one is that the cream’s formula itself is supposed to be natural and thus safe for health. The second guarantee is the safety of use, although, if the product really is natural, we advise you to consider any potential allergic reactions.


There is no shortage of opinions about this product on the internet; they are often quite positive, but sometimes their reliability is a bit doubtful. The most important thing, however, is not to take all the assurances of the manufacturer of this supplement fully seriously. A physical enlargement of the penis without a surgery, which we strongly advise against, is not possible.

The Maxi Size cream is unlikely to improve the size of the flaccid penis but by making the corpora cavernosa more flexible and by increasing the blood pressure, it can partially increase its size during erection. We recommend reviewing themed, moderated forums, where it is easier to find really trustworthy opinions about this cream.

Time for the most important part – where to buy it for the best price available?

Now – for some really crucial information. Because it is difficult to find data about the composition, one should always order Maxi Size on the manufacturer’s official website.

This is the only place where we can be certain that we are purchasing the original product with the guarantee of the safety of its use. Buying it elsewhere, unfortunately, will always be risky.

What about the price? One package should be enough for a significant lengthening of the penis, or at least this is what the manufacturer promises; we can order it for EUR 39.

However, this is the price based on the current promotion, as the standard cost of this product is EUR 78. Shipping is already included in this amount, and we always pay on delivery.

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Maxisize - reviews:

  1. does anybody know if this cream has any fragrance and if so, what kind? I’m worried it may turn out to be lavender or some such crap, which will be difficult to handle in the pants 😛

  2. The question is what happens after using the cream for the period suggested in the leaflet? Are the results permanent, or will there be a relapse to how it was at the beginning? You know, sort of yo-yo effect.

  3. has anybody used this product and is able to say anything reasonable about allergic reactions, irritations and such things? Is it really safe?

  4. quite good. thanks for discount btw

  5. reasonable price..

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