Papistop – is the cream really effective? Your reviews and experiences

Papilloma, also known as HPV, is a problem that, unfortunately, we often downplay.

This is due to the fact that small warts on the skin do not initially cause significant disfiguration, and, in addition, their presence does not cause any unpleasant symptoms, of course the visual ones.

Unfortunately, however, the disease may progress over time, causing unsightly changes on the skin, and their development may even put one in danger of developing cancer cells. Every year, a lot of people around the world suffer from cancer because the HPV virus problem is underestimated. Today, we will look at the PapiStop cream, which is advertised by the manufacturer as a very effective means of dealing with warts and papillomas.

What kind of cream is this?


Surgical procedures have for years been the only effective method of dealing with warts and papillomas, although it is naturally associated with pain and a considerable risk of various complications. However, this problem is to be solved by PapiStop cream, which, regularly used in areas of skin lesions, by reducing warts should also reduce the risk of developing cancer.

As we learn from the manufacturer’s website, the cream has been prepared based on only natural ingredients, which, obviously, is to guarantee the safety of its use. The innovative composition of ingredients is supposed to reduce skin changes in a relatively short time, and simultaneously decrease the pain that occurs at a later stage of the disease if we do not react in time.

As a result, the cream is supposed to protect against prostate cancer in men and cervix or vagina cancer in women. It is worth mentioning, however, that the manufacturer does not give us full guarantee of effective protection against cancer. A lot depends on individual body conditions, and certainly you cannot treat this cream as a medicinal product when you have already been diagnosed with cancerous changes.

The effectiveness of the cream?

Is the cream effective? Let’s start with the fact that the manufacturer boasts about having carried out a series of tests on a group of volunteers, which largely proved the cream’s efficacy and how fast it acts. The cream contains components such as:

Most of these components primarily support the immune system, gradually killing the HPV virus and acting preventively, that is suppressing its future development. Some of these ingredients also show protective effects against the development of carcinogenic viruses, but of course the manufacturer does not give an absolute guarantee that the use of this cream will actually protect against this problem.

The effectiveness of PapiStop cream depends to a large extent on how advanced the papillomas are, but the research described on the website looks really promising. It is important here, of course, that the product should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Side effects?

On his website, the manufacturer devotes a lot of space to the analysis of laboratory tests, which in many cases not only confirmed the effectiveness of the cream, but also the safety of its use. The results of the study did not show the risk of any side effects of its application, provided, of course, that we use it as recommended.

In addition, however, it is worth drawing attention to the composition of the product, as discussed above. There is not a gram of synthetic additives, and the manufacturer assures that we will not find any preservatives, either. Therefore, side effects of any kind are virtually impossible.


Do you want to know how to use this cream properly? It is really easy and should not be bothersome to anybody. First of all, we start with carefully washing the skin in the area where changes are present, and then we dry it thoroughly. Then, the cream from the tube should be spread on 2-3 fingertips. In the next step, we simply apply the cream on the changed areas, thoroughly massaging it into the skin.

This treatment should be performed three times a day to intensify the product’s results. The cream does not leave a greasy film on the skin and has a pleasant, herbal scent, and thus should not cause any discomfort to anyone.

The product’s price

And thus, we are getting closer to the core of the matter, that is to what probably a majority of you are interested in the most, namely the price. How much does one package of the cream cost? Well, the manufacturer often organizes really interesting discounts and while for a 30 ml tube you normally have to pay about 80 $, there is a sale at the moment and we will can order it for much less. In our opinion, this is a good price, given the fact that we have a great chance to avoid unpleasant and unsafe surgical procedures.

Customers’ opinions

To be on the safe side, we searched the internet for opinions about this product and we have not been able to find comments that would clearly deny the manufacturer’s claims.
Most often, people praise the quick removal of warts, pain relief and improvement in skin tone in the changed area. Such recommendations can certainly facilitate making a purchase decision.

Where can you purchase this cream?

We have mentioned the price, but we did not say where the product should be ordered, and it is very important. There is only one company in the world that acts as the official distributor of the PapiStop cream, and it does not work with any brick-and-mortar store.

The cream can therefore be safely ordered only on the manufacturer’s website and we advise against searching for it in other places.

Only on the official website we can be sure that we are purchasing the original product.


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Papistop - reviews from the forum:

  1. hey, do you know if there are, after all, any other online stores selling the original cream? To me, the price on the manufacturer’s website is still a bit too high… too bad, because I would really love to test this cream.

  2. I have just one question because I didn’t find the answer n the article. How long should this cream be applied and is one tube sufficient for the entire treatment? When the papillomas are gone, should the application stop, or should I continue for a while?

  3. Does this cream cause any allergies? My skin is fairly sensitive and I’m always quite afraid of using new creams but unfortunately a papilloma has shown up :/

  4. Where to purchase in Malaysia?

  5. Is this safe to use on my eye lid?

  6. I have been looking for the cure for a long time …Am looking forwad to ordering my own HOPE ALL WILL TURN POSITIVE

  7. Is it available in the Philippines now??

  8. Does it actually remove warts??or just an additional component to heal?

  9. How long does it take to be delivered?

  10. Just bought it yesterday n I believe that it’ll work wonders on me.
    Will give feedback later on it’s effectiveness.

  11. I have skin tags on my neck and breast. What i worried more is the little boil on the side of my nipple. Is it still safe to use your product?
    Waiting for your response verily.

  12. How much does papistop cost in Kenyan shillings? what is the recommended dosage?

    1. Where can i buy PapiSTOP in Nairobi kenya?

  13. Where can I get papiSTOP in Tanzania?

  14. where to buy papistop cream?….thank you.

  15. where can i buy this product in cebu? are there specific drugstores that sell this product on your behalf?
    i would appreciate your timely response.

  16. Good day!

    How long should this cream be applied and is the 30 mg tube sufficient for us to see results? When the papillomas are gone, should i stop the application, or should I continue and until when?

  17. Where to buy in Nairobi Kenya

  18. Where do i buy it in Kenya

  19. Is the three package Offer and two free still available.How much is it?How long will it take?Am really looking forward to using this product.

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