Kankusta Duo – a revolutionary slimming panacea? Your reviews

Is it possible to lose even a dozen or so kilos in 4 weeks with no punishing physical training or drastic food restrictions? According to the producer of the Kankusta Duo dietary supplement, it is absolutely doable, provided one shows a bit of will power and, above all, regularity in taking this supplement.

Can such an inconspicuous product actually help women struggling with excess weight? Is it possible to lose these spare kilograms without a drastic change in lifestyle? Let’s have a closer look.

What is it?

Look familiar?

The manufacturer’s website presents a lot of details in regard to the formula of the Kankusta Duo dietary supplement, which is available in the form of easy-to-take capsules. We learn, above all, that the composition has been developed in a laboratory and is the result of many years of work of the best scientists in the world.

The secret of this product is to be not only accelerating metabolism, and thus increasing the efficiency of fat burning, literally around the clock. It also reduces appetite, decreases the level of bad LDL cholesterol and effectively cleanses the body, which translates into its better functioning.

A minimum of 14kg in 30 days, and 60-point decrease in the level of bad cholesterol. These are the guarantees provided by the manufacturer who supports them with the unique formula that has been prepared on the basis of the most common causes of obesity. Visiting the website, we will not only find a lot of information related to the product itself, but also research results and the reviews from customers themselves, which, in our opinion, are worth getting acquainted with.

How to use it – what is the dosage?

Supplement’s package

To really be sure of the effectiveness of the product and the safety of its use, one must first of all strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. When deciding on a full course of treatment, we just need to remember to take the capsules every day, more or less at the same time.

The dosage is very simple. Simply take one capsule just before breakfast and another one just before dinner. Repeating the dosage for 30 days, we should observe not only a visible decrease in body weight, but also a reduction of cholesterol and a much better mood.

The composition of each capsule

The primary action of this dietary supplement is direct and literal destruction of fat, which, according to the manufacturer, is possible due to the use of 4 unique ingredients. Thus, each capsule contains:

  • Indian nettle extract;
  • garcinia cambogia;
  • green coffee bean extract;
  • iodine.

We have carefully examined medical properties of these ingredients and there is no doubt that each of them can actually affect weight loss, and that each works in a very different way. This can confirm the intensity of results that the manufacturer guarantees.

Forskolin primarily slightly raises the temperature of our body, thereby accelerating body fat burning. Garcinia cambogia, in turn, speeds up metabolism, again accelerating the removal of unnecessary fat. However, faster metabolism means more appetite and that’s why we also have green coffee bean extract. Its most important task is to reduce appetite. Iodine, in turn, affects the functioning of the thyroid gland and is an important component involved in the cleansing of the body.

Side effects?

With such a natural composition, do you really expect any negative side effects of using this dietary supplement? In our opinion, they are very unlikely, and the manufacturer himself gives his customers a full guarantee of safety. There is, obviously one condition, that is adhering to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Price – are there any discounts?

Effective weight loss without sacrifices and without intense physical activity seems to be a tempting proposition, for which, as it turns out, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg. Yes, we checked the price of the supplement, expecting it to be around 70$, because this is how much you have to pay for competitive products, which are often much less natural.

It surprised us that currently the capsules, which come in 30-piece packages, can be bought for cheap. Such a package will last for 2 weeks, which means that we will actually pay slightly more, but for a full, 4-week treatment. In our opinion, this is a really good offer.


Fortunately, the product is not an absolute novelty on the market and therefore you do not have to rely only on the opinions from the official website, which many people may doubt. People quite often express themselves on various thematic forums on the subject of this product, really praising and recommending it.

From these opinions we know, among other things, that the supplement does not cause side effects, and the loss of weight itself is visible after a short time. The comments confirm most of the manufacturer’s assurances, which in our opinion increases the credibility of this product.

Where to buy it for cheap?

Thus, we have reached the end of our examination of the Kankusta Duo dietary supplement. Of course, we are not going to persuade anyone to buy and try out the product, but if you decide to go ahead, we warn you against purchasing the capsules in unverified places.

The manufacturer’s official website is the only place where you can order the Kankusta Duo capsules with a guarantee of authenticity and safety of use. The company does not carry out additional distribution in the country, which it very clearly emphasizes on its website.

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Kankusta Duo - reviews:

  1. hey. Have you encountered the problem of bloating when taking this supplement? I tried this kind if products a while ago and unfortunately my stomach’s reaction was rather strange. I don’t know if I can trust the guarantees in this case, what do you think?

  2. so, what do you say, my darlings? Do show off how much weight you lost only taking this dietary supplement. I’m veeeeery curious about your results!

  3. If you take a bit more than what the manufacturer recommends, can you speed up the effects of this product? Has anybody tried???

  4. one question, the manufacturer’s website is the only way but is there an option to ship without prepayment, cash on delivery? Somehow I don’t trust such offers and I’d prefer to pay when I got it my hands already.

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