Black Latte – is it a good solution for people with excess weight? Your reviews

Can one visibly lose weight without nutritional sacrifices, without punishing physical activity and without a complete change of one’s lifestyle?

For most, answers to all these questions are quite obvious, but the manufacturer of Black Latte decided to go against the tide, trying to shatter the long-standing stereotype.

The product proposed by him is to be an effective, safe and at the same time tasty solution to all problems related to excess weight, lack of energy or cellulite. Is it really so? Let’s check it out!

What is it?

The name of the product might suggest a light coffee, but, contrary to appearances, it has little in common with it. We are dealing here with an aromatic and flavorful beverage, which thanks to its properties can even replace a meal and thus contribute to a decrease in body weight. In addition, there are other effects, but we will discuss them in a moment.

The results guaranteed by the manufacturer, of course if the drink is consumed on a regular basis, primarily include the following:

  • effective conversion of fat into energy, which means accelerating the process of burning it;
  • cleansing the whole body of harmful toxins;
  • reducing appetite and providing an additional portion of vital energy;
  • normalization of the hydration level of the body;
  • ensuring good mood every day through increased dopamine production.

Interestingly, the manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness of his product not only regardless of gender but also of age. Therefore, Black Latte can simply be used by all adults, helping to fight even very serious obesity.

According to the company’s assurances, the product was developed in American laboratories and underwent very strict tests that confirmed the safety of its use. In addition, we can also learn that the drink is used even by such world-famous movie stars as Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock. With regular use, one can count on losing up to 15-20kg in one month.

How should it be used?

However, we must emphasize that the manufacturer not only recommends using his product every day, but also suggests a treatment that lasts no longer than one month. During this period one can count on:

  • feeling well-rested every morning already after the first day;
  • the first visible weight loss after about a week;
  • up to 6 kg less after 10 days of regular use;
  • 6 to 7 cm less at the waist after 3 weeks;
  • ending the treatment after a month may mean even 20 kg less of body weight.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer gives a satisfaction guarantee by offering a refund if the product does not meet one’s expectations. The application itself is limited to the activities that each of us performs in the morning while preparing a cup of coffee.

One needs to place 2 teaspoons of the powder in a glass or a cup and pour boiling water over it. The drink prepared in this way is best taken in the morning with a light breakfast, and this activity should be repeated for 30 consecutive days.

Side effects – should we be concerned about anything?

You are probably wondering now if Black Latte is safe for health and if you can consume this drink without worrying about your own health? The manufacturer himself promises that the composition of ingredients is natural and therefore very safe. In addition, we get a guarantee of safety – provided,  of course, that we make the purchase on the company’s official website, thus having in our hands the original product.

As always, the most important thing is ordinary common sense. You should use Black Latte according to the manufacturer’s instructions, prepare a drink from two tablespoons of powder, drink only once a day and for a period not longer than a month.

Composition of the product

It’s time to take a more serious look at the composition now, and luckily our task here is easier. In this case, the producer does not hide the ingredients, which unfortunately cannot often be said about other weight loss products. The potency of this drink is to be the result of the presence in its composition of such components as:

It is the activated charcoal that gives the beverage its characteristic black color which, for this reason, can be compared to the coffee known to all of us. However, it is not just a dye.

This charcoal is known for its effective toxin removal as well as for limiting the absorption of fat. According to the manufacturer, this decrease can reach up to 80%. Coconut milk, in turn, supports the functioning of metabolism, thereby promoting faster fat burning. L-carnitine and omega-3 have a similar effect, but they do not so much accelerate the metabolism, but rather directly break down fat.

It is obvious that the composition looks very natural, and hence, the use of this supplement should be completely safe for health.

Opinions about the product

It did not take us too long to find reviews of this product, because there is simply an abundance of those on the internet. The opinions vary a lot, but we have not been able to find any reliable information about the Black Latte drink not being effective. Customers praise the visible burning of body fat. In addition, many women even claim that the supplement helps to get rid of cellulite. Most reviewers, however, confirm the pleasant taste of the drink.

Price of the supplement. Where to buy it safely?

If you are curious how much one would need to pay for Black Latte, the truth is that it is difficult to define it clearly.

This is due to the fact that the price changes a lot over time as the manufacturer often organizes promotions and therefore it is best to look directly at the official website.

Even at this moment we have an opportunity to buy the product with a 50% discount.

At the same time, we warn you as to buying it elsewhere. If you decide to try this product, it is best to order it on the official website. Only there do we have the guarantee that the product is original and therefore it will work in a safe and effective manner.

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Black Latte - reviews:

  1. has anybody perhaps ordered this product yet and can say how it tastes? Another question, is it for sure that there is no sugar in it at all? I am diabetic and I don’t know if it would be safe for me.

    1. Hello how much is it I want to order pls

    2. In 1box,how many sachet?

      1. In one box 100 grams of powder available for ten days

  2. Hey do you know how long you need to wait for the delivery? I must’ve scanned the whole website from cover to cover but I can’t find this information :/

  3. do you happen to know if this drink requires a specially composed diet? I’m sick of all those dietary regimes, constant sacrifice, and no results… I’m counting very much on this product but I want to learn as much as possible before placing an order.

    1. Pls how much I want to order pls

  4. Hi.

    I am using this coffee for a week now and I gained weight. My eating habits are normal. I will chechk it for another 2 weeks and get back with a comment.

    1. How was it? did you lose weight?

    2. have you lost any weight by now

  5. Hello, i wanted tot pay the bill, but i lost it. I can’t find a number to ask a duplicate. Can you help met?

  6. We have limited Black Latte -50% discount offer FOR YOU – Ends 24.07.24. Click to see it

  7. how many pieces in a box?

  8. In nicosia do u have and do u deliver

  9. Hi is this cash on delivery? I don’t know how to pay for it. Also how long do i have to wait for the delivery to come

  10. how much and how many pieces in a box?

  11. How many packs will be consumed for the 1 month program?
    Why is that insomenthe required measurement oer serving is 1 tablespoon while others require 2 tablespoons?

    1. How many packs will be consumed for the 1 month program?

  12. How many packs will be consumed for the 1 month program?
    Why is that insomenthe required measurement oer serving is 1 tablespoon while others require 2 tablespoons?Hi is this cash on delivery? I don’t know how to pay for it. Also how long do i have to wait for the delivery to come

  13. Better visit their website to order. They will provide you all the information that you need. They’ll call you once you place your details and will get other order information from there.

  14. Two months i try to order but no answer ,why??? I need buy this black latte me, please

  15. Is this safe for breastfeeding mommas?

  16. I bought 2 boxes and the online seller told me its good for a month consumption.
    My 1st day yesterday and noticed it made me crave for more food.
    Ill comment again after a week to see the changes.

    Anne from Phils.

  17. I received the parcel today..thank u so much latte team..

    And i will give u a feed back after one month about the product…

    Nehara from srilanka

  18. Is it available in India?

  19. Good evening. Please I need this black latte. From Aba.

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