Knee active plus – does it really help with joints? Your reviews

Serious pain and degeneration of the knee joint is a problem that unfortunately affects young people over 30 more and more frequently, effectively hampering their daily functioning.

Pain, stiffness of the joint, swelling and redness are the typical symptoms indicating that the knee really is not doing well.

The reasons for the emergence of degeneration at such a young age should be seen not only in excess weight, improper diet, and in supplying the body with a lot of dangerous chemicals. It is also the sedentary lifestyle and little physical activity after a whole day of work – which is typical  of our times.

Even 30-year-olds may already notice the first problems, and after the age of 40, more than half of the population struggles with recurrent knee pains. How can one deal with it?

Should one  decide to have a dangerous surgery, put your money on pharmacology or on various kinds of painkilling ointments? Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, but today we will look at something else.

Knee Active Plus, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, is to bring in a revolution in the home treatment of knee pain. Is it really so and what kind of product is it? It is time to check it out.

What is it?

Let us start with the fact that the Knee Active Plus product is by no means a cosmetic, a medication or a dietary supplement. On the contrary, it is a stabilizing band for the knee, which through its structure is to (according to assurances) gradually regenerate the damaged joint and in a very short time provide relief in unbearable pain.

The band was constructed in such a way as to effectively stabilize the knee, but this is not where its secret resides. Under the textile sheath there are a total of 10 polarizers, which create quite a strong magnetic field around them. According to the manufacturer, each magnet used in the band generates power at the level of 500 gauss, which is an impressive result, considering the size of the band and how small the magnets themselves must be.

The activity of the magnetic field is to be completely safe for human health, but at the same time constant “magnetization” of the knee should after some time lead to such effects as:

  • regeneration of all bones and cartilages of the knee joint;
  • restoring mobility of the knee;
  • creating a protective layer of the joint, which will prevent damage from occurring in the future.

The regeneration can be impressive, because the manufacturer suggests that patients using Knee Active Plus can count on more than 99% of the restoration, of course, depending on the age and degree of joint damage.

The band is to alleviate the pain practically immediately after its application, according to the manufacturer after just 17 minutes, so in many cases faster than with the use of a typical painkiller ointment. The process of full regeneration and the creation of a protective layer should take about a month, if the product is used regularly.

How should it be used?

According to the manufacturer himself, the great advantage of this band lies in the fabric it is made of – flexible and pleasant to the touch. On the one hand, wearing it on a daily basis in no way restricts movements, and the material itself does not cause any pressure or unpleasant abrasions. The question now is how should Knee Active Plus be used?

In fact, it is completely up to the user. The band can be worn for a short period of time, for example half an hour, when severe knee pain occurs.

You can, however, easily put it under your clothes even for the whole day, going to work or during any physical activity. Only regular wearing of the product on the knee is to result in the regeneration and protection of joints. Putting the band on for a short time will only provide pain relief.

Putting it on should not be a problem, because the product is easily applied to the joint. It is enough to make sure that the hole placed centrally in the band is located exactly on the knee, so that wearing it will not cause any discomfort.

The whole piece was constructed in such a way that there would be no problems with adjusting the band to one’s individual physical conditions, so it can be worn by both very slim and obese people.

Side effects?

We would like to emphasize once again that Knee Active Plus is not a dietary supplement or any pharmacological product. This is a stabilizing band for the knee, which has been equipped with some very strong magnets.

As a result, wearing it does not involve any health risk. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees on the website that the magnetic field itself, although strong, is completely safe for people of all ages.

Reviews and restrictions

Because this product has been available on the market for a long time, finding opinions about it is not a problem and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them.

Our analysis of this information has shown that in most cases Knee Active Plus gathers really good reviews, is praised for great workmanship and quick help in the fight against pain, as well as  the convenience of wearing and fitting to each knee.


We would like to mention that all people who are thinking about buying this product have a good reason to do so now. This is because the manufacturer has now launched a promotional campaign, during which the band can be ordered with a 30-percent discount.

The great advantage here is certainly a satisfaction guarantee, so if the product turns out to be completely ineffective, you can ask for a full refund of the purchase price.

Where to buy it safely?

There is probably no need to explain to anyone that the above discount is available only on the manufacturer’s website.

If you would like to try the band on yourself, we really recommend ordering it there.

A lot of strikingly similar products can be found in other stores, but most often they are low quality counterfeits, with weaker magnets and made of less pleasant textiles that can cause irritation.

However, what is the most important, only by ordering directly from the Knee Active Plus manufacturer can you get the satisfaction guarantee that we mentioned earlier.

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Knee Active Plus - reviews:

  1. Has anybody bought it and can confirm that it at least alleviates this pain? Ointments don’t help me any more, and I can swallow pharmacology like candy, zero effects… I’m really depressed by what’s happening with my knees ;(

  2. What does a full, month-long treatment mean? Do you have to put this band on your knee for the whole day for a month, or what?

  3. has anybody tested it? Write please what you think about this product, this offer has sparked my curiosity.

  4. one question, what if someone has a pacemaker? I realize the knee is far from the heart but apparently these magnets are really strong. Won’t the magnetic field impact the pacemaker in a negative way?

  5. We have limited Knee Active Plus -50% discount offer FOR YOU – Ends 19.05.24. Click to see it

  6. try and let us know;)

  7. thanks for the discount

  8. kako ovo naručiti…na koji način

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