Profolan – does it work effectively on the problem of hair loss? Your opinions

Genetic conditioning is not the only reason why many men struggle with the problem of hair loss, often at a very young age. Very frequently it is the result of modern lifestyle.

A huge amount of stress, low-quality food, lack of exercise or using stimulants may adversely affect one’s hair. Are there any ways to deal with hair loss issues without a drastic lifestyle change?

What is Profolan and who is it meant for?


Dietary supplements have been enjoying significant popularity for years; their task is not only to strengthen those hairs that still remain on one’s head, but also support the growth of the new ones. Unfortunately, supplements are often full of chemical ingredients that are not quite safe for our health and, additionally, they do not always deliver the intended results.

However, it is completely different in the case of the Profolan supplement, which is advertised by its manufacturer as a way to deal with the hair loss problem that is not only very effective, but also very safe.

As the manufacturer of the Profolan supplement informs on its website, each capsule is a composition developed in a lab, prepared based solely only on natural plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. The primary purpose of taking the tablets is slowing down the action of the DHT hormone, which in the case of men is responsible for the weakening of hair and thus faster hair loss. Ingredients such as horsetail, nettle or L-cysteine are to naturally and safely block the hormone, and at the same time strengthen the hair, and also support the body in the production of new ones.

Interestingly, we are also given the guarantee of stopping hair loss and of prompting new hair growth in the case of those men whose problem is rooted in genetics or in disrupted hormonal balance.

The composition and effects of the supplement

The three basic ingredients of the Profolan supplement, that is horsetail, nettle and L-cysteine, accompanied by a set of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, are to not only lead to a gradual stopping of hair loss, regardless of one’s age and the reason of the issues.

Profolan, when taken regularly for a period of around 6 months, is to restore lush hair on any man’s head. The manufacturer’s guarantees are very optimistic here – the average monthly growth is to be around 1.3 cm. This, however, is not the end of the guarantees given by the manufacturer. Each person ordering the tablets has as many as 90 days to send them back and get a refund in the case Profolan’s effects do not meet the expectations.

Of course, the natural composition and the appropriate formula are also to be conducive to keeping the existing hair on one’s head. Regularly taken pills strengthen hair follicles and hair bulbs, nourish the hair and gradually restore its natural shine and color, and thus allow to improve the image of every man.

Side effects – anything to be afraid of?


We have mentioned earlier that a lot of dietary supplements available on the market base their composition on synthetic, lab-prepared components that may have an adverse effect on the person’s health and cause many negative side effects. In the case of the Profolan supplement, however, we get the manufacturer’s guarantee as to the full safety of its use.

It is possible because of the highly natural composition. The supplement, when taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions, that is two capsules per day, should not cause any negative side effects, and the risk of possible allergies is to be very low.

What is the price and where to purchase Profolan?

The same problem here?

The guarantees from Profolan’s manufacturer look very promising and, luckily, an attempt to fight for a beautiful head of hair does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The price looks exceptionally attractive and we definitely recommend regular visits to the product’s official website.

Profolan is available exclusively through online sales on this website:; one can frequently find interesting special offers there, which will allow to save money when purchasing a larger number of packages in one transaction.

At the same time, we warn against buying this product elsewhere, as the manufacturer officially informs about selling it solely through their own website. The products found in other places are most likely just counterfeits, which, obviously, may not bring about such spectacular results, and, above all, taking them may pose a risk to one’s health.

Doctors and users – let’s look at the reviews!

The manufacturer’s guarantees as to the efficacy and safety of use, and also the option to return the product within 90 days – this is really a lot. However, those who are still undecided, can easily familiarize themselves with numerous doctors’ opinions on the Profolan dietary supplement; they are available not only on the manufacturer’s website, and most of them are clearly recommending the use of the product.

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In addition, there are of course numerous reviews by the supplement’s users, which can be found online and the vast majority are really favorable.

What is being praised by those who decided to go through the entire course of treatment? Very frequently, the opinions mention a visible increase of hair strength. Hair is stronger, it looks nicer and very healthy. The reviews confirm multiple times that the supplement contributes to the growth of new hair and that taking it is not associated with any negative side effects.


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  1. I’ve been blinding folks in the street with my bald spot for a long time during beautiful, sunny weather. It’s a disaster and I would be glad to try this product but let me know what your experience was when you took it.

  2. hello. How long did you have to take this supplement to get really satisfying results? I see more and more hair staying on my comb, and it’s time to look into this issue because I can’t imagine my life without hair :/

  3. Profolan – 1 package FOR FREE

  4. thanks for a discount link

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